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Don Carroll has been performing and producing for over 50 years.  A Multi-instrumentalist and gifted arranger, Don Carroll Music offers you the best in Film Production Music, TV Productions, and Video music tracks.

Don Carroll Music offers exciting compositions suitable for use in almost any media project.  Don's love of playing music and his passion for orchestrating and arranging shine through in each track.  With a wide range of musical styles and genres as his musical background, Don can arrange or compose for any taste in music.

Don composed the entire soundtrack for a children's film called "Flight School" (about young birds learning to fly). The film was shown at the "Children's Museum of Houston" for several months. Don's recording of "Mambo #5" was used in the movie "The Drunkard", produced in Honk Kong.  Don also has a track in the upcoming movie "Rex Kyro". 


Don regularly performs as the keyboardist/saxophonist with the house band at "Gilley's/Henry's Hideout" in Magnolia, Texas.  Check out Don's schedule of performances for where you can hear Don Carroll Music this week-end.